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Emerald Experience: Discover Best BC Dive Sites

Join us on the emerald tour to the best dive sites around Vancouver Island, Sunshine Coast and Howe Sound including famous walls and reefs, current-swept passages, ghostly shipwrecks and unique artificial reefs.

A rich diversity, abundance and colours of BC’s ocean life will amaze: giant pacific octopus, wolf-eels, six gill sharks, schools of rockfish, colourful nudibranchs and anemones, soft corals, huge cloud sponges, immense red sea fans, wrecks, artificial reefs and lots more.

Upcoming Trips:

saanish-inletVictoria Dive Trip | May 6th

Diving: 2 boat dives in Saanich Inlet, (Dive Sites: Senanus Island, Wain Rock, Patey Rock, Dyer Rocks, Lord Jim Wreck,…..)

Schedule: meet at 5.30 at the Diving Locker  am to catch 7 am ferry to Swartz Bay – planning on coming back on 5 pm ferry

Price: $239


shepherd-chartersNanaimo Dive Trip | May 27th

Diving: 2 boat dives (Available Dive Sites: HMCS Saskatchewan, Snake Island Wall, Clark Rock, HMCS Cape Breton and more….).

Schedule: meet at 5 am to catch 6.30 am ferry, plan to be back on 3 pm ferry.

Price: $249


accomodation egmontAgamemnon Channel  | May 19th – 22nd

Diving: 9 boat dives & 1 shore dive (Dive Sites: HMCS Chaudiere, Stag Wall, Tzoonie Narrows, Power Lines, Skookumchuck Rapids,…).

Schedule: meet at 8.45 am Friday morning to catch 10.15 am ferry – plan to be on 4.50 pm ferry back Monday night

Accomodation: Guest House (2 bedroom, living room & full bathroom) and five “Yurts” nestled into the trees along the waterfront.

Meal: 9 meals included

Price: $1085


SHEPHERD CHARTERSNanaimo Weekend Getaway | June 17 – 18th

Diving: 4 boat dives & 1 shore dive (Available Dive Sites:  HMCS Saskatchewan, Snake Island Wall, Clark Rock, HMCS Cape Breton and more….).

Schedule: meet at 5 am to catch 6.30 am ferry – come back on 5 pm ferry Sunday night


Accommodation: Howard Johnson Hotel

Price: $569


Scuba-charter-campbell-river-comox1Long wekened in Comox | June 30th – July 2nd

Diving: 1 shore dive & 6 boat dives (Dive Sites: Vivian Island, Hornby Island, Denman Island, …).

Schedule: meet at 9 am Friday morning at the DL to catch 10.30 am ferry from Horseshoe Bay– back Sunday night on 5 pm ferry

Meal: breakfast and BBQ lunch included

Accommodation: Travel Lodge in Comox

Price: $855


womens dayWomen’s Dive Day  | July 15th

Diving: 2 boat dives (TBA)

Schedule:  meet at 9am, cocktails and dinner after dives – back at about 7pm

Price: TBA


______8477442_origLong Weekend @ Campbell River | August 5th-7th

Diving: 3 day trip – 2 shore dives, 6 boat dives (Dive Sites: Row and Be Damned, Copper Cliff, HMCS Columbia, Whiskey Point, Steep Island, April Point, Argonaut Wharf, Grouse Island, Ferry Wreck)

Schedule: meet Saturday 9 am to catch 10.30 am ferry – back on 5 pm ferry Monday night

Meal: 3 breakfast, 2 lunch and 2 dinner included

Accommmodation: Comfort Inn & Suites, Campbell River

Price: $699


______5281395_origPort McNeill Weekend Getaway | September 15th – 17th

Diving: 2 shore dives, 4-5 boat dives (2-3 boat dives Port McNeill, 2 boat dives Port Hardy)

Schedule: meet at 7 am to catch 8.30 am ferry – back on 5 or 7 pm ferry Sunday night

Meals: breakfast and snacks in between dives

Accommodation: Haida Way Motor Inn @ Port McNeill

Price: $789


nudiLong Weekend in Campbell River | October 6th – 9th

Diving: 2 shore dives, 8 boat dives, (Dive Sites: Row and Be Damned, Copper Cliff, HMCS Columbia, Whiskey Point, Steep Island, April Point, Argonaut Wharf, Grouse Island, Ferry Wreck).

Meal: 3 breakfast, 2 lunch and 2 dinner included

Schedule: meet Friday 9 am to catch 10.30 am ferry – back on 5 pm ferry Monday night

Accommodation: Comfort Inn & Suites in  Campbell River

Price: $ 999

How to choose the right Computer

Why do I need Dive Computer?

A dive computer takes depth and time information and applies it to a decompression model to track the dissolved nitrogen in your body during a dive. Your computer continuously tells you how much dive time you safely have remaining. Dive Computer allows you to maximize your time enjoying the marine life and record and share your underwater adventures.

suunto-vyper-novo-whiteDive Computer Features:

Easy-to-read display that provides the following information:

No stop limits, Depth, Time, No stop time remaining, Ascent rate, Emergency decompression, Previous dive information, Low battery warning, Enriched air compatible.

Optional Features:

  • Air integrated to display how much air is in your tank (transmitter).
  • Replaceable or rechargeable batteries
  • Multiple gas computers for technical diving or a CCR (Closed-Circuit Rebreather) mode.
  • Interface with your laptop/regular computer so you can download your dive data.
  • Electronic compass or built-in thermometer.
  • Self-adjusting decompression models
  • Dot matrix screens with menus that allow you to play games to pass the time at safety or decompression stops
  • Automatic or manual adjustment for altitude diving
  • Mask display that allows you to glance at critical dive information.

How to Choose Your Dive Computer

  • Ask yourself – What type of diving do I do now and plan to do in the future? and What dive computer works with my current equipment, or what complete equipment package includes the type of computer I want? 
  • Look at dive computers with features that match your dive style and equipment setup. Evaluate:
    • Can you clearly read the data with your mask on?
    • Does the data display make sense to you – do you prefer numbers, or do you like graphics or charts?
    • Do you understand how to get the dive information you need?
  • Don’t hesitate investing in a good dive computer. Get what you want now and go scuba diving – that’s the point.


suunto-zoop-novo-blue-buy-online-in-vancouver-canada Are you looking for simple, easy to use computer with all key diving features with air, nitrox and free dive modes and Dive logbook?
Your dive computer: Suunto D4i NOVO, Suunto Zoop Novo, Mares Puck Pro, Mares Nemo Wide




Do you want advanced features like air integration, compass, multiple gas mixtures and robustness?
Your dive computer: Suunto DX, Suunto D6i, Suunto Vyper Novo, Mares Matrix





Do you want simply the best for all diving? Color display,rechargeable battery and user-updatable software?
Your dive computer: Suunto EON Steel, Liquivision Lynx



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Dive Computers Comparison Chart

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Keep your GoPro Dry

5 Features of the Moyo for GoPro®

Introducing the Moyo

1. Compatibility:

Show of hands for those that have recently upgraded from an earlier model GoPro® only to realize that most of your old accessories don’t fit anymore.  Filters and housings can get expensive, but Stahlsac cuts you a break.  The cavities inside are cut to fit the GoPro Hero 3, 3 +, and 4.  And just between you and me, if GoPro® came out with another revision tomorrow, that one would probably fit too.  So if you’ve been thinking about upgrading your camera soon, with the Moyo case, you’ll have one less new accessory to purchase.

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