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Brianna’s Drysuit Fun!


Last Friday was going to be Nicole’s 100th dive, which in the diving community is a very big milestone. On this dive you are supposed to swallow your embarrassment and dive naked, however since we’re in the great white north and not in a warm tropical paradise we low the exceptions. So we let it slide for Nicole because we didn’t want her to freeze to death. Little did I know I was going to be the one to freeze by bum off!

The three Diving Locker girls all have our colors, just like the power rangers. Chelsea is black and pink, Nicole is blue and green and I’m red and blue. Only natural since we need some sort of guidance when choosing which dive equipment we should buy (remember the number one rule in scuba diving is looking good!).

When I arrived at the shop Nicole looked like a kid on Christmas morning when she showed me what dry suit she was going to try out: one of the used Drysuit that was bright blue, lime green and pretty pink. She leak tested it that day and felt like it was good to go. I of course get instantly jealous because all I have to wear is the boring black Next Gen suit (great suit for everything but a fashion statement). I wasn’t jealous long, though, Nicole came to my rescue with a Drysuit she leak tested a long time ago that seemed to be okay

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