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Critter Corner- Jellies

1-lions-mane-jellyfish-swimming-paul-nicklenJellies, Jellies, Jellies

– my most recent obsession while scuba diving.  I’ve always been a huge fan of these mysterious creatures and the obsession was re sparked with seeing my first ever Lions Mane Jellyfish while I was scuba diving at Kelvin Grove the other day.  Have you ever seen one?

“Lions mane” is the PERFECT name for these large tentically creatures that grow in our beautiful Vancouver waters!  Be careful though, their thick wiry manes can sting.  Luckily, because they only live in cold water and scuba divers that see them are fully suited the only area you have to be careful with is the uncovered skin between the mask and regulator, your lip! Since my obsession has started I’ve been randomly googling fun facts.

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