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Nicole’s 100th Dive That Never Was or Experiments In Used Gear

It was going to be great. My 100th Dive! In the diving community, a diver’s 100th dive is a big deal. The consensus is that you are supposed to dive naked which I would totally door at least I would have if it was, oh say, at least 30 degrees warmer! So I had to come up with something else silly to do (and I’ll take any excuse to do something silly just try me, I dare you!). Luckily, it was Friday the 13th and already off to a good start. One of our favorite dive playlist songs, Somebody That I Used To Know, by Gotye, just played on our regular radio station at the shop for the first time and I had just found an awesome old Drysuit in the back room. I mean, this suit was funky! Royal blue with bright yellow and pink stripes with a picture of a dolphin on the front seriously people, they just don’t make suits this awesome anymore! Continue reading

The Mean Green Clean

You see it every day. It’s a normal occurrence. You may scoff at it; give it a dirty look. Perhaps even utter your shame and disgust at its culprit. Still you keep walking. After all, you didn’t put it there. It’s ok. We all do it. In fact it is so common a sight, that quite often we don’t even actually see it. Litter. Garbage. Trash. Tossed away and left to decorate our streets, forests and oceans forever. Continue reading

Friday Night Lights

When the sun falls below the horizon it initiates a stir amongst the nocturnal ocean residents, those who harbor in cracks and crevices during the daylight hours now emerge. Shrimp begin to leap and wander, sea urchins appear to wobble along the bottom and even the Pacific Octo might make an appearance. If you’re up for it, night diving can be a unique opportunity to witness some of the most spectacular moments underwater. It allows us to experience old dive sites in different and exciting ways. If you’re a night diving pro and diving in complete darkness with only your torch to lead has lost its exhilarating quality, recharge your night dives with UV light dives! Continue reading