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Introducing the Nixie

Introducing the Nixie

Wetsuits designed around women

Men and women are different. Well, I bet you didn’t think you’d learn something new today, right?  It is an obvious statement, but it is often overlooked when it comes to gear.  Yes, men and women are, in fact, different, nonetheless when it comes to watersports activities, they share the same desires and pursuits. Seek adventure, explore new worlds or harness the power it holds. While they don’t want to think much about their equipment while in action, they know being warm and protected is invaluable.



Designed for women, really.

For too long, women’s wetsuits have been put through the “Shrink It and Pink It” process. They never truly addressed the elephant in the room…women are different. They are different from men, and they are different from other women. Not just in shape, but also in style. While everyone (even men) want to look their best, not every female diver wants to be pretty in pink.  BARE Sports recognized these differences and created the new Nixie.


NIXIE Features:

  • New Neoprene: New full-stretch neoprene allows for a great range of fit and maximum comfort. Silky soft Full-Stretch neoprene with design lines that flatter your curves.
  • Flattering:  Great style, flattering design lines and silky full-stretch that makes a woman feel confident and comfortable in any watersports activity.
  • Function: “Can you zip me up?” Why are zippers on women’s suits so short? Not anymore.  BARE’s Nixiewetsuits have a 19” long back zipper for easy on, easy off.
  • Style: Sure, most women look pretty in pink, but they don’t always want to wear it. Show off your personal style in the Nixie. Offered in fashion forward colors including Glacier Blue, Pink, and Black
  • It’s in the detail: Velcro® adjustment collar with booklet-style cover to protect your suit from snags and pilling.
  • Technology: Skin-in Flip Seals at mid-forearm and mid-calf (7 +5MM). Gasket style on 3/2MM. What does all this mean? These features reduce heat loss by restricting the flow of water in and out of the wetsuit.
  • All water temperatures:  Available in both full suit and shorty, ranging from 3mm to 7mm thick.
  • Ample sizing options:  Are you petite? Tall? Curvy? Or a combo? The Nixie’s got you covered.  BARE offers sizes ranging 2 – 14 (4T, 6T and 8T only in Glacier Blue and Pink)


One wetsuit for all watersports

The Nixie is a new wetsuit line for women with the right combination of form and function. This versatile wetsuit can meet the needs of the true water lover. Whether you are diving, surfing, waterskiing or more, this full stretch wetsuit is up for the challenge.

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Get the NIXIE

If you are keen on getting your hands on one of these, then you are in luck. The Nixie wetsuit collection is now available at Diving Locker