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Life after the course…..

10168231_10152326799260552_6308907382927040522_nWe have all worked so hard (and paid enough to PADI) to get to where we are; whether it is at a professional rank, or starting off in Open Water. We’ve ALL sat through the tedious PADI videos, knocked out the knowledge reviews and quizzes, master the skills in the pool and finished off in the ocean.

There were so many things to do, plan, organize and it’s all done in a flash of a second! The dreaded masks skills all seem to be a blurred, distant memory. So what’s next?

Here at the Diving Locker we love teaching student divers new skills and exposing them to a soon to be addicting experience, however, what we love even more is seeing familiar faces keep walking into our store asking for more! After your courses we want you to have some fun and just dive!

Here are some options of how you can bottom time:

Sunday Safaris

Explore local Howe Sound dive sites (Whytecliff and Porteau Cove) and the Sunshine Coast in the company of Diving Locker instructor or divemaster with our bimonthly Sunday Safari trips. They have been known for bring buddy-less customers together forming new unbreakable friendships and allowing those divers that crave more bottom time the opportunity! No video, no quizzes, no skills just fun!

Sea Dragon boat trips

From our ocean dives in the Open Water course or any course we have all become badasses. We have earned this rank as badass after the trek up and down the Whytecliffe mountain and the 2 1/2 hour surface swim at Porteau Cove. But sometimes we need a vacation from our badass-ness and want to go boat diving! That’s right the easy-peasy world of stepping aboard a boat, suiting up with our tank in a holder and our bums on a bench, and effortlessly stepping off the stern. From there we signal to our buddy to descend and go for a dive! Once we’ve had enough of the beautiful seascape we just ascend, causally signal to the boat captain you’re okay and then hop on board again; just sit tight while being zipped to the next unexplored site. There’s not another dive group in sight. The Diving Locker usually runs a boat trip through the Sea Dragon every couple months, but remember we run trips based on interest! So come on everyone! And we get ALL the luxury of roll off, roll on boat diving!

Weekend Trips

One of the best thing about diving is exploring a world we have never been before (and many can’t access), so sometimes we want to take a trip a little further than Howe Sound. Trips to Vancouver Island and further north on the Sunshine Coast are always spectacular. And since you happen to on this side of the world why not enjoy it? We are always planning different trips to new and interesting sites because remember we love diving too! We’re always keen to take the plunge at a site other than Whytecliffe. Trips include playing with wild sea lions in Race Rocks, camping under the stars in Powell River, and world class diving all over Vancouver Island. Have you heard of a cold water destination are itching to check out? Let us know!

Tropical trips

cozumel tropivcal vacation diving lockerNow after all the Sunday Safaris, Sea Dragon boat trips, and just general drysuit diving, your toes are starting to chill. I think it’s time for a little taste of sun! Where do most of the diving population go under? Warm water! Its only fair that us, the bad asses, get a turn too. Now that your addicted to diving, you will plan all your warm water destination trips around being able to dive. Your husband/wife wants a spa vacation in the Mayan Riviera – your in luck there’s diving! Your kids want to go on a Disney Cruise – Yup! Diving there too! Your parents want to check out the Pyramids – Guess where your diving, the Red Sea!

Buddy list

All these options not frequent enough? Or maybe weekends don’t work for you. We have a buddy sign-up sheet at the shop! Just jot down your info, preferred diving days and take a quick glance to see who else is on the list and just make a connection!
Now that you have seen all the options a diver has, there is no excuse. Remember the diving journey doesn’t end after you get you Open Water cert card in the mail… there is so much more!

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