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Nicole’s 100th Dive That Never Was or Experiments In Used Gear

It was going to be great. My 100th Dive! In the diving community, a diver’s 100th dive is a big deal. The consensus is that you are supposed to dive naked which I would totally door at least I would have if it was, oh say, at least 30 degrees warmer! So I had to come up with something else silly to do (and I’ll take any excuse to do something silly just try me, I dare you!). Luckily, it was Friday the 13th and already off to a good start. One of our favorite dive playlist songs, Somebody That I Used To Know, by Gotye, just played on our regular radio station at the shop for the first time and I had just found an awesome old Drysuit in the back room. I mean, this suit was funky! Royal blue with bright yellow and pink stripes with a picture of a dolphin on the front seriously people, they just don’t make suits this awesome anymore!

Initially I had my eye on another super rad suit from the same era, a sweet red and blue suit named the “Invader.”