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Orcas at Whytecliff!

Orcas at Whytecliff!

tessThis was my most incredible day of teaching scuba!
I had a private student for Open Water training. When we got to Whytecliff Park around 11 am we were ready to get in the water on such a wet day. As soon as we got down to the beach I could see a pot of orcas on the right side of the left islet. I did not trust my eyes. The water was just boiling! Looked like they were feeding on something. They must have been 7-8 whales going nuts, jumping, splashing their fins. No idea what was going on but it lasted for over half hour, they moved into the middle of the bay, close to the light house, back to the middle. As time is passing by I told my student we should get in the water and start our dive, we might encounter them under water. I asked him how he feels about that and he just answered, sure, lets do it. I would be a good snack for them!

Of course I was teaching and did not have my camera on me, it would have been the most amazing footage. We had the bay all to ourselves. No one there at all. After the dive they were lots of boats around looking out for something.

We did not encounter them under water, by the time we finished the first dive they were gone. The whole dive I was looking around us. That would have been so amazing!I guess the whale sighting must have made the round…We got into the water, I helped him getting his fins on, the whales were not even 100 feet away. I could hear the orcas splashing and breathing, to be honest, my heart was pounding a bit as we swam out under water, every shadow made me turn my head.


Going in for the second dive we had a seal come by and I knew they were no more whales around and my whole system relaxed quiet a bit!
We got to see an octopus and a bald eagle sitting on the lighthouse coming up. Not a bad at all for your first two ocean dives I told my student and he grinned from one corner of his ear to the other…

The picture posted was on the way back from doing the sea lion dives at Race Rocks last winter. That was my first every sighting of these beautiful animals. Second time today and it was incredible to share the bay with them being so close. I will remember this day for a long time.