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Valentines Dive Day

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February 14, 2017 @ 7:00 am – 5:00 pm

Join us for Valentines Dive Day in Nanaimo.

 600x600px-product-pictureTrip Details:

* Meet at the Diving Locker at 7am to catch the 8:30 ferry from Horseshoe Bay
* We’ll enjoy 2 Boat dives and have a break for lunch in between
* We will plan on catching the 5:20 Ferry back to Vancouver 


 Trip Cost $249.95 Includes:

  • Transportation (including ferry)
  • 2 Guided Boat Dives
  • Soup on the Boat
  • Tanks/Weights


Dive Sites:

Snake Island Wall – Snake Island Wall is located on the opposite side of Snake Island from the wrecks and is a great dive for all levels of divers. The start of the dive is a shallow shelf at 35 ft. with a short swim away from the island to a gentle curve that takes you over the edge of a wall to depths in excess of 600 ft. Newer divers can explore the upper edges of the wall at 60 ft. looking for buffalo sculpins, grunt sculpins, plumose anemonies, octopus, rockfish, and more. More experienced divers can explore the deeper depths with overhangs housing plumose anemonies, cloud, and boot sponges.


Orlebar Pt. – Located on the Northeastern part of Gabriola Island, this dive site offers shallower waters for newer divers as well as a deep wall for more experienced and technical divers. Here you will find sand flats, rock reef, and finally a wall with a wide variety of marine life in the shallows and along the wall. This is a great location for a variety of anemonie species including crimson, plumose, and painted anemonies.


Clark Rock – Clark Rock is a reef at a lighthouse a short distance out from the beach at Pipers Lagoon. The max depth of this dive is 60 ft. so it is good for all level of divers. The attraction for this site is variety of marine life including wolfeels, octopus, rockfish, lingcod, sea urchins, nudibranchs, and sculpins galore.


Jesse Island  – Jesse Island is located in Departure Bay, just inside the entrance so mostly protect from the elements outside the straight. The maximum depth for this dive is 60 ft. so it is great for all levels. At high tides there are swim throughs and interesting rock formations that offer protections to a wide variety of marine life. Look for sculpins, anemonies, octopus, nudibranchs among the many variety found here. This dive is a live dropoff and pickup with a slow drift along the wall.


Gabriola Bluffs – Looking from Nanaimo Harbour out to Gabriola Island you can see a series of steep bluffs. These bluffs continue down into the water with a series of shelves leading out to a deeper wall providing the opportunity for divers of all levels to experience the marine life here. Nudibranchs, crabs, plumose anemonies, crimson anemonies, and others can be seen along different parts of the wall. This dive is a live drop off and pickup with a slow drift along the wall.

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