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Scubapro PRO Pack

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Product Description

Package Includes:

Scubapro Spectra Tru Fit Mask

A metallic-look frame twin-lens mask.
Exclusive paint process gives your mask the look of stylish eyewear.
Trufit exclusive skirt allows the mask to perfectly fit variety of faces.

Scubapro Verve Snorkel

• Made of highest quality polyurethane and silicone compounds.
• Elliptical barrel for less drag when snorkeling.
• Rotating silicone mouthpiece for prolonged comfort.
• Quick-connect mask clip.
• Available in Blue, White, Blue, Red, and Yellow.

Scubapro Nova Fins

TestersChoice2010The Seawing Nova combines classic SCUBAPRO fin technology with the latest innovations in hydrodynamic design and cutting edge materials. This fin has the power, acceleration and manoeuverability of a paddle fin with the comfort, efficiency and effortless speed of split fins.

red dot logo 2011

• The articulated joint allows the blade to pivot and the entire blade is able to generate thrust. Pivot control technology ensures the most efficient angle of attack is maintained no matter how hard or softly you kick, generating thrust without drag or wasted energy.
• Clean water blade geometry for optimum propulsion. Water is free to flow onto the working section of the blade, drag is reduced and thrust increased.
• Variable pivot control ribs insures that the most efficient angle of attack is maintained across all strengths of kick.
• Ergonomic foot pocket with extended heel plate insuring ultimate power transmission with less leg strain.
• Durable Monprene® construction making SeaWing virtually indestructible.
• Wing tips arc upwards, increasing high-speed stability.
• Marine quality bungee heel strap with custom adjustment system for total comfort and convenience.


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Semi-dry / Heavy Duty
4 5 36 S S
5 6 37 S S S
6 7 38-39 S S M
7 8 40 S M M
8 9 41 M M L
9 10 42 M L L
10 11 43-44 L L XL
11 12 45 L L XL
12 13 46 L XL XL




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