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Tropical Referral

Diving on the beach

Course Includes:

  • Training materials
  • Class/Pool Sessions
  • Basic scuba gear
  • Transportation(spaces are limited)

The PADI Tropical Referral is designed for those divers who wish to complete their class and pool sessions here, but prefer to do their ocean dives in a warmer climate. Because the PADI system is taught worldwide, you can complete your training anywhere in the world as long as it’s done through a PADI certified Instructor (please note that you will have to pay extra for the completion of your course at whatever rates the receiving resort has set). You will have one year to complete your course once you’ve started it.

Alternately, if you are looking to complete your Open Water Certification here (you have been referred from a different PADI Instructor), and wish to complete your ocean dives, we can do that too! The ocean dives are run every weekend in conjunction with the Open Water Course. (Referral Upgrade $199.95)


Continuous Evening

Complete 5 evenings of class and pool work with this very flexible option.

Weekend Semi-Private

Complete all of your class and pool work over one weekend

Private Fast Track

Complete everything privately with an instructor in just one day!

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Diving In BC

What Our Students Say About Us

Super patient, kind, and supportive! Friend and I took the open water scuba referral course to finish it off in Thailand. Very knowledgeable and inclusive, especially when you’re “diving” into the unknown, and may be a bit apprehensive. Called them back and forth a few times over our time taking the course, and had nothing but friendly and very supportive conversations. Would definitely recommend to everyone! Looking into taking the intro to dry suit courses once we get back! –Ximena Alexandra

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