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Diving Locker Safari's

Hi All, I just wanted to say that I'm really excited that the famous Diving Locker Sunday Safaris have started up again. We had a fantastic trip to Tuwanek on the Sunshine Coast. It was great to sit back and let Annie and Chelsea look after the equipment, driving, ferry ride and other details. I was glad to be introduced to a new dive site by people who know it well. Even though we didn't see the resident wolf eels, it was good to know where to look. And it is nice exploring a new place without worries about unexpected hazards. We went with a friendly group of divers that I'd be happy to see again on a future trip. And I really appreciated the non- competitive inclusive atmosphere between the more expert and less expert divers. Everyone was there to have fun, learn if there was an opportunity, and to look out for each other. The two dives gave us some of the best water clarity I've seen locally. It was approaching tropical visibility. The temperature was doable for those of us in wetsuits. I did envy Don breaking in his new dry-suit though. When is the next "Boss is Away Sale", Chelsea? These Safaris are a great bridge for those who are newly certified, doing courses, and wanting to build up confidence by diving with experienced divers. They are a good way to explore new sites, as well as make new friends. And the price is excellent value. Feel free to share all or part of my "testimonial" with anyone if you think it will encourage them to come out for these trips. I really hope we get lots more Safaris with Annie and Chelsea. -Dave Irwin.


Awesome!! I came to learn how to dive and I left with so much more The instructors are awesome and so much fun. So helpful and patient...I definitely couldn't do their job And the sales staff is equally as awesome. Being new at diving I have no idea what I'm looking for or need when it comes to buying my own gear, but they are so knowledgeable and really great with helping you out. I can't wait to get out there on the Sunday Safari's! -Raven Z.

Last Minute Trip Stop

Just stopped in here to pick up a mask & snorkel for the annual sun trip, I'd always been fine with rental equipment, but last year's diving experience in Thailand ended that. The sales girl was extremely helpful and informative, handing me different masks to try on & explaining the pros and cons of the cheaper & more expensive masks & snorkels. They offer a discount when you purchase mask, snorkel, and fins - but I find fins take up too much space to actually cart around the world; The Diving Locker was still able to help me out with a bit of a discount for the two pieces. Based on my experience as a customer I would definitely make The Diving Locker my first choice for local dives, if only my diving partner weren't a wimp about the cold waters. - Jenn W.

Local Dive Shop

The Diving Locker is the shop I consider my LDS (Local Dive Shop).  There is a fairly good selection of equipment and accessories.  The staff were well-informed (especially if you talk to the owner) and the shop is located at the very convenient West 4th and Macdonald (well, if you live in Kits anyways).  For that forgotten item before the holiday, I've found the Diving Locker quite useful. They also service and repair equipment.  I was very happy to have my Apeks regs serviced at this shop -  as a lot of shops round here don't want anything to do with this particular make. Sure buying dive equipment from one of the big online retailers may be cheap but consider important things such as warranty and servicing and it's always nice to examine your potential purchases and speak to a real human being. -Lou K.

Snorkel Gear

I grew up in Florida, and am no stranger to the water.  However, I've never done much in the way of diving.  I went in here to get a snorkel and fins- for a trip down to warmer waters.  The staff was extremely helpful, I spoke with Catherine about scuba lessons.  She was very informative and has me seriously considering getting certified. On a side note- this place is easily recognizable by it's funky sea-shell covered exterior! Very festive! - Megan S.

Open Water Course

I recently took my Open Water course with the Diving Locker, and it was great.  The instructors were really nice, and really knowledgeable.  The course was run smoothly.  They have a great selection of diving gear, and if you keep your eyes open, some good sale prices.  I'm glad I took my course with them, and I plan to continue on with my diving education through them.  Five stars! -Kathleen B.

Fun Dives

I came here b/c I was in town for the weekend and wanted to get back into the water no matter cold it was.  It was just myself and Greg took me to Whytecliff Park in West Vancouver.  We had a good dive.  Lots of seals and starfish of every color.  Everyone at the store was very nice and I'll go there again if I ever have the opportunity. -Marc W.

Great Instructor!

Thanks to a couple of reviews found here in Feb, I signed up for Open Water certificate training, & got the 15% Yelp discount, very appreciative. Paul was my instructor, & he is absolutely fantastic!  Positive, informative, patient, expains things very well, & most of all, is a lot of fun. The Pacific cold got to me on the 2nd day of ocean dives, but Paul totally understood & had several suggestions to help next time.  I'll be back to finish next month for sure, and will definitely look to go on a few dives with this team & get some equipment when done. Awesome experience with Diving Locker! - Angie M.

Best Dive Shop!

This was by far one of the most amazing experiences of my life and I am so happy that The Diving Locker was a part of it. We were taught by Russ, a very charismatic individual, and we had the best time. My boyfriend and I had plenty of questions which Russ was happy to answer. We definitely used the time driving to the dive spots to soak up as much info as we could. Each of the instructors and Divemasters at The Diving Locker have great patients and understanding when it comes to new divers and deals with each students needs accordingly. Could not have chosen a better dive shop to take my first steps with. Thank you Paul, Brianna, Russ, Chelsea, Damien, and everyone else who hung up wet rental gear every night. Cheers! - Dawnelle W.

PADI Open Water

I took my Open Water with the Diving Locker a few years ago, and recently returned to buy some equipment with them (which Chelsea gave me a discount for, as a past student). The instructors that trained me on open water (Paul, Brianna and Russ, and someone else I think...) were very patient with me - I didn't foresee this but I completely freaked out the first time I was submerged... in the 4ft shallow end of the UBC pool. Just having the diving equipment attached to me was enough to send me into a panic, but Paul especially helped calm me down and I ended up completing the course and ocean dives and diving again shortly after that. I look forward to returning to the diving locker to dive again in Vancouver - I've done some warm-water dives since then but I'd like to stick closer to home next time and experience the varied sea life here! -Amelie E.

Happy that we picked the Diving Locker

We signed on for the beginner Open Water certification to do a Tropical Water Referral for our coming trip to Maui and just finished yesterday. Paul the head diving instructor is not only a great guy but he is probably one of the most patient people I have ever had the pleasure to meet. He was funny, understanding, encouraging and knowledgeable. We also had Russ and Brianna who were great as well. (Both are hilarious and Brianna managed to be pretty funny underwater too). The reading was not too cumbersome and the videos did a good job of a review of the material. The instructors answered all our questions and helped with any confusion that came up. My only constructive criticism of the Diving Locker would be that the classroom area could be bigger and probably could do with an update but it worked ok and we didn't mind it much. The confined water dives were enjoyable and interesting and we were often given extra time just to practice our skills and get control of our ourselves under water (which I sorely needed! ;p). The staff (thanks Brianna, Nicole and Paul! :) ) were totally helpful with our gear purchases and we are really happy with what they recommended. If you take a course with them you also get a student discount! :) The Diving Locker did a great job of introducing us to the world of diving and we are considering dry suit next as their special is not too pricey and looks like a good time. Thanks guys, we will be back :) -Cataoy

Awesome Course & Diving

February 6th, 2014
I started at the dive locker with my open water referral and I was so happy I recently returned to complete my advanced open water course with them after doing quite a bit of warm water diving. I have also bought gear from the Dive Locker Vancouver and got great equipment and no pressure sales. The team is very professional and the prices are comparable to any dive shop in Vancouver. The dive locker has enough dives / courses available so you can find one that fits your schedule. If not they are very willing to accommodate you. I would recommend the dive locker to my friends :) Have fun!!

Advanced Course

I got my open water and advanced certification with the awesome people at the diving locker. Have been so grateful for their guidance, patience and friendly company. Everyone on staff that I have met so far has been wonderful and helpful. They really put in their all to make your dives a great experience, and I for one am truly appreciative.

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