Meet The Staff: Drew Beattie


drew beattie

How Did I Get into Diving?

I never achieved my childhood dream of becoming a belly dancer, so diving seemed like the next logical step!

I started diving when I was 13 years old in a lake in the interior of BC. Even though I saw one bass and a bunch of logs I’ve been in love with being underwater ever since. I did a few token spring break trips down to Mexico and did a few dives each time where I got to experience some real tropical diving.

After a very long surface interval I decided to move to Vancouver and start my Divemaster and instructor training. I have since been diving and teaching here for the last 5 years and can’t get enough cold-water diving! I transition from the shop as the resident equipment service technician to going out into the ocean for instruction on a moments notice. Whether it’s teaching at Whytecliff park or doing some fun dives on the Sunshine Coast, every day in the water is a good day.

    Until April of 2019 0.1% of all my diving was in the warm water of the tropics, so I decided to take a little trip to go see what all the fuss is about. I was able to dive with the huge schools of Trevallys, grey reef sharks, giant manta rays, barracuda, and the incredibly dense coral reefs of Komodo National Park in Indonesia and even after all that I’m still always happy to climb into my drysuit.

I’ve been fortunate enough to take trips up to Campbell River and Barkley Sound on Vancouver Island as well as going to dive with the 1,500 pound Stellar Sealions around Hornby Island. In my opinion it is very hard to beat North Vancouver Island for the density of life both massive animals like humpbacks and orcas and the tiny little animals like anemones, sponges, and nudibranchs. BC diving will always feel like home.

I’m always ready for the next dive adventure and love every minute of what I do!

Specialty Instructor Ratings

Favorite Local Dive Site:

Row and Be Damned, Campbell River

Diving Lessons Vancouver

Favorite Local

Grunt Sculpin

Diving Equipment Vancouver

Favorite Warm Water Destination:

Komodo National Park, Indonesia

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