Meet The Staff: Makenna Larocque


Specialty Instructor Ratings: Equipment Specialty, Fish ID, Nitrox, Drysuit, Emergency Oxygen Provider

makenna larocque

How Did I Get into Diving?

Growing up in Northern Ontario, Alberta, and Saskatchewan Makenna always was intrigued by the Ocean.  The mucky lakes her parents got her to were not doing the trick. Makenna was always looking for the next adventure and always on the move. She found a passion for travelling and naturally diving caught her interest.

She decided to follow her passion and see where it would take her. She landed herself in Koh Tao Thailand, with no return ticket. There she fell in love with Diving and eventually got her Dive Master certification. She has been chasing this dream ever since. She knew when she got home she had to pursue it further.

As luck would have it, the Diving Locker and Makenna found each other at just the right time! (and they’ve been stuck with her ever since! ) She has since moved forward getting her Instructors.

Her passion is interacting with students and watching them conquer there fears. She works hard to make sure students have some laughs and have some fun during the course. Not only does she love teaching she also loves helping out our customers on the sales floor. If she isn’t out diving, you can find her in the shop juggling emails, phone calls, and equipment sales!

Favorite Local Dive Site:

Madrona Point, Vancouver Island

Scuba Diving

Favorite Local

Buffalo Sculpin

Favorite Warm Water Destination:

Koh Tao, Thailand

Scuba Diving