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Specialty Instructor Ratings: Sidemount, Emergency Oxygen Provider, Night Diver, Drysuit, Deep Diver, Wreck, Navigation, Naturalist, Peak Performance Buoyancy

matt hutchinson

How Did I Get into Diving?

“One day I’m going to travel the world and see all the animals” – Matt age 3
Matt strapped on a tank in search of more animals 8 years ago. This quest has taken him all across the world from Australia to Italy, Fiji to Thailand and everywhere in between! Lucky for us, he landed in Vancouver, and decided to stick around for a little while!

Taking a course with us? Matt will most likely be one of the many friendly faces you will find here. His patience, sense of humor, and british accent (just don’t call him an aussie!) make him a valuable part of our instructional team!

He is also our resident Sidemount Guru so if you’re looking to expand your diving horizon and try out sidemount, he is your guy! He is also a great resource if you are looking at getting into your own setup, and loves to chat about gear!

Favorite Local Dive Site:

Diving with the Sea Lions at Vivian Island, Vancouver Island

Scuba Diving

Favorite Local

Painted Greenling

Scuba Diving

Favorite Warm Water Destination:

Komodo National Park, Indonesia

Scuba Diving