Specialty Instructor Ratings: O2 Provider, Deep, Wreck, Nitrox, Drysuit, Drift, Project Aware, Coral Reef Conservation, Gas Blender

Sheena symchuk

How Did I Get into Diving?

Sheena was born and raised an Alberta girl, and has loved the water ever since she was young. She was introduced to the ocean when she was 16, and it was love at first sight!  She’s lived a nomadic lifestyle, working in tourism and traveling since high school. But it was while backpacking through Australia, where she took her first few breaths underwater during a Discover Scuba Class.


She really acquired a “Mermaid Complex,” while living in Mexico, where she completed her Open Water and Advanced Course. It wasn’t long before she found herself traveling through Central America, continuing her training and diving with Eagle Rays, Whale Sharks, and other fish friends. She completed her PADI Divemaster Course in Utila, Honduras and eventually completed her Instructor Course while in Thailand. She has worked in Vietnam, Thailand, and even the chilly waters of Ontario, before making the switch to our West Coast. She loves the amazing diversity that makes braving the cold water worthwhile!


Sheena has a strong passion for ocean conservation, minimizing plastic, and loves admiring underwater macro life. When she’s not frolicking with students in the ocean, you can find her offering her expertise to customers in the shop. She loves helping others achieve their scuba goals, and sharing her passion for all things diving!

Favorite Local Dive Site:


Madrona, Nanaimo

Favorite Local


Grunt Sculpin

Favorite Warm Water Destination:

Scuba Diving

Similan Islands, Thailand