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Keep your GoPro Dry

Keep your GoPro Dry

5 Features of the Moyo for GoPro®

Introducing the Moyo

1. Compatibility:

Show of hands for those that have recently upgraded from an earlier model GoPro® only to realize that most of your old accessories don’t fit anymore.  Filters and housings can get expensive, but Stahlsac cuts you a break.  The cavities inside are cut to fit the GoPro Hero 3, 3 +, and 4.  And just between you and me, if GoPro® came out with another revision tomorrow, that one would probably fit too.  So if you’ve been thinking about upgrading your camera soon, with the Moyo case, you’ll have one less new accessory to purchase.

Moyo One2. Organization:

The inside of the Moyo cases have cavities designed to hold specific mounts and accessories.  Everything fits in snugly but still easy to insert and remove.  Truly a place for everything, and everything in its place.  Here is a breakdown of what each Moyo holds:

Moyo Mini:

This case is lean, mean and all you need for a short excursion.  It has just a few cavities and a mesh pocket for small accessories.  The Moyo Mini holds:

One (1) GoPro Camera

Charging Cable

Spare Battery

Spare SD Cards

Moyo One:

This one is the middle ground between the Mini and the Moyo Two.  It holds enough accessories for a whole day of fun.  The Moyo One holds:

One (1) GoPro Camera

Smart Remote

Spare Battery

Floaty Backdoor

SD Card

LCD Touch Screen

Dual Battery Charger

Spare SD Card

The Moyo Group

3. Outer Materials:

This case doesn’t just look tough; it is.  The outer shell is compression molded, lightweight and stress resistant.  The coated Nylon outside is water and abrasion resistant.  Finally, the sides are reinforced to boost structural integrity.  The result is an ultra-durable yet lightweight and practical case to house your most legendary moment.


4. Inner Materials:

You know that high school experiment, where you have to build a container that will make an egg survive a drop from the roof?  Well, the Stahlsac engineers took that experiment to heart. The inside of the case doesn’t just keep things organized, but it also keeps everything safe.  It is made of soft EVA foam to protect the camera and hold accessories in place.  The same material as used in hockey pads and boxing gloves, this stuff is rugged enough to absorb shock and hold up to repeated inserting and dislodging of equipment.  Once you zip it up, your gear is secure enough to handle just about any unexpected fall.  Oh, and did we mention that it floats?


5. Drybag:

OK, so Stahlsac made the Moyo this “tough-guy” of a camera case, but they didn’t stop there.  They took it a step further by wrapping up all this awesomeness in a killer drybag.  What watersport lover doesn’t love a good drybag?  Best of all, it is low profile, but there is still enough room to toss in a camera grip, your phone, and your keys.

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