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Women’s Wetsuits Designed For Performance and Appearance

Women’s Wetsuits Designed For Performance and Appearance


BARE is not shy about declaring the Nixie the finest women’s wetsuit on the market today.  Just take a look and you can see there is something special about it.  Designed by a team of women and manufactured with the highest quality materials and processes available, the Nixie isn’t just a pretty face, it dominates in the water.  BARE packed this women’s wetsuit full of big advances and small details to make it fit and perform better. From head-to-toe, BARE took function, comfort and style into account.  Here are a few things you should know about the Nixie.



The Material is Different:  I’ve been an active female diver for almost two decades, and I’ve gone through a lot of wetsuits.  I remember the days of California diving where we layered two wetsuits with no flexibility.  We looked and felt like Ralphie’s little brother so bundled up in his winter clothes he couldn’t move. (If you don’t get the Christmas Story reference, sorry.)  Not only was it hard to move in, but it was also difficult to put on.  We all ended up with shredded knuckles from pulling on the rough material.  Well, kiss those days goodbye.  The new BARE Nixie is made of silky soft full-stretch neoprene.  The smooth texture doesn’t make it delicate either.  I took it to my favorite wreck sites and put it through the gauntlet of tight openings and rusty, jagged surroundings.  Aside from the rust I picked up, it fared well. I had full mobility, too.

The Nixie Womens Wetsuit in ActionUnobtrusive Kneepads:  While I appreciated the flexibility the new Armor Flex kneepads afforded, at first glance, I was skeptical of their durability.  Diving shipwrecks can be a full-contact sport full of sharp edges.  However, if you need something tested for durability, a wreck is the perfect place to do it.  I’m happy to say that many dives later the kneepads are holding up like a champ.

Reduced Flushing:  This is how a wetsuit is supposed to work: Water that gets trapped between you and the neoprene warms up and reduces heat loss.  The neoprene insulates you and the warmed up water from the surrounding water.  So, the less water that flows in and out of the suit, the warmer you stay.  To combat flushing, BARE added skin-in flip seals at the mid-forearm and mid-calf.  Also, they added GLIDESKIN on the collar, with double-glued and SECURE-LOCK constructed seams.

The Zipper Loop:  The change on the zipper is so simple, but it’s one that will make you go “Ooohhh, that’s smart.” BARE made two changes to the back zip on the Nixie.  The first is they made it longer; 19” long zipper.  The second is they added a loop to the base of the zipper.  Now before you skip to number 5, hear me out on this.  The combination of the longer zipper and the loop have now made it a breeze to zip up with no additional assistance.  Grab the loop at the base and pull down with one hand while you pull up on the zipper pull with the other.  Pulling in two different directions straightens out the zipper track and makes it move smoothly.

Suit Saver:  So you have this cool new wetsuit, and it gets snagged on the neck seal Velcro the first time you use it.  Sure, it’s a tool and we shouldn’t get bummed out, but we do.  And then it gets worse when we realize that the Velcro has snagged on everything else in your gear bag including your rashguard, swimsuit, and towel.  Introducing the new Nixie Suit Saver; a booklet-style cover on the Velcro adjustment collar to protect your suit from snags and pilling.  You can find this feature on the new BARE Reactive wetsuit too, and, to be honest, I’m sure most people won’t appreciate it until they see it in action.  However, when I showed it to a dive boat full of Dive Pros, they couldn’t stop talking about it.


Sizing is very forgiving:  Not only is it a breeze to put on, but I also found the sizing is very forgiving.  I’m a tall woman with long arms and legs, and even the regular length stretched enough to fit.  Also, I’m normally a size 8 or 10 in most 7mm women’s wetsuits, but I still managed to wear a size 6 without feeling too squeezed.  All I’m saying is that it is practically impossible to get size charts perfect when it comes to women’s wetsuits; it is really a starting point.  Before you look at the chart and declare nothing is in your size, go find a dealer and give it a try.

Get your Nixie today.