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Scubapro HUD Computer W/ Transmitter

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*Demo Model – Fully functional, Slight signs of use*

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Product Description

Scubapro Galileo HUD Dive Computer

In-sight. Heads-up. Hands-Free. Mask-mounted. There’s simply nothing like it.

The Galileo HUD is an innovative and thoroughly unique air-integrated dive computer that will forever change the way you dive. This new-to-the-dive-world,technologically-advanced computer offers a heads-up display that is mountedon a dual-lens mask. Delivering excellent readability along with hands-free data monitoring, with the introduction of the Galileo HUD, SCUBAPRO engineers have created a user experience unlike anything previously seen in diving.

The HUD is a technologically-advanced heads up display dive computer designed to provide you with accurate depth, time, gas and decompression information.

The HUD is designed to be mounted on a diving mask in very close proximity to the human eye. A person with normal vision is able to focus on objects starting from a distance of approximately 20cm. Since the micro OLED screen of the HUD is positioned much closer than 20cm, specially developed optics are required to be able to read the screen clearly. These multi-lens optics create an image of the micro OLED screen at a virtual distance of approximately 1m. This enables the diver to read the dive data on the screen and also maintain eye contact with his or her surroundings without having to continually adjust and readjust focus. (The size of this image is about 30x20cm², enabling it to be easily read by divers with normal vision.)

“FLOATING” DISPLAY: The Galileo HUD’s micro OLED screen is designed to be mounted on a diving mask in close proximity to the human eye. Using precision near-eye optics, this “floating” display creates a screen image that appears at a virtual distance of approximately 3ft/1m, which allows divers to keep their eyes on both their dive data and the underwater scenery at the same time.

HANDS-FREE DATA MONITORING: Superconvenient for photographers and tech divers who are often engaged in underwater activities that require both hands. Also, since you don’t have to raise an arm or reach for a console to check your dive data, the Galileo HUD allows a more streamlined profile moving through the water.

SINGLE-KNOB USER CONTROL: When it’s time to change screens or make adjustments, the Galileo HUD features an intuitive push-wheel that allows you to access functions with one hand. To operatethe push-wheel, simply rotate it to navigate up and down within a menu, or increase or decrease a user setting.

FLIP-UP HINGE: The Galileo HUD offers a convenient Flip-Up feature, reminiscence of military night vision goggles, that enables you to tilt the HUD display up and out of the way. When it’s time to resume data monitoring, simply tilt the display back down into position and you’re ready to track your dive.

GALILEO HUD INCLUDES: HUD, Mask Mount, Zip Ties, USB charging cable, Transmitter (Optional), Read First, Quick Card, Protection foil (Manual will be available online). The HUD package includes a universal mask holder which is designed to be mounted on a dual-lens diving mask just above the right eye. There are also options available for mounting the holder to single lens masks. These HUD holders attach to the mask with two cable ties (included).

This is unit was a demo model and shows slight signs of use. The computer is tested and fully functional