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Suunto SK8 Compass Retractor

Best Price: CAD$44.95

Product Description

The Suunto SK8 Compass Retractor quickly converts the wrist mounted SK8 to attach to your BCD.

The SK8 retractor can easily be extended up to 25 inches keeping your compass easy to hand and secure while you dive.

The retractor can either be unclipped or extended whilst attached to your BCD.

The stainless steel cable is nylon coated to prolong the life of the item in salt water and has a 60lbs breaking strength to prevent accidental loss.

-Unclip or extend your SK8 compass while attached to your BCD
-Nylon coated stainless steel cable
-Extends up to 25 inches – 60lbs breaking strength

Keeps your SK8 quickly to hand, easy to find and secure



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