Course Price $399.95 Includes:

Students are required to provide their own mask, snorkel and regulator mouthpiece. The rest of the personal gear (Fins, boots, & gloves) can be rented for the course.

The water here can get quite chilly, which is why most of us dive in a drysuit year round! It is possible to dive in a wetsuit from June – September, but a drysuit is still highly recommended.

If you haven’t dove in a drysuit before, you will need to complete the drysuit orientation. You will do some additional pool training which will teach you how to use a drysuit in a confined water setting, and how to handle the changes in buoyancy. You will then get to use the drysuit for your ocean dives.

Drysuit Rental – $75 (If you’ve already completed the pool orientation)

Drysuit Upgrade – $99.95 (Includes additional pool training, and drysuit rental for all 5 of your ocean dives)

Should you decide to upgrade to the full PADI Drysuit Specialty later on, you would just pay an additional $199.95, and come out for two more ocean dives.

Must be 15 years of age or older.

PADI Advanced Diver Certification (or equivalent)

PADI Deep Diver Certification (or equivalent)

PADI Nitrox Certification

Minimum of 30 Logged Dives (10 of which must be deeper than 18m/60ft)

Divers must have their own SMB/Reel for this course

Something come up and need to postpone your course? No problem! We ask that you give us 1 week notice, as we do fill up quickly so we’d like to have time to fill your spot.

Unfortunately we do not offer refunds, but we would be happy to move you to a different date or offer you a credit towards a future trip or course.

Please view our full cancellation policy here.

PADI Distinctive Specialty

Bioherm Sponge Diver

The Bioherm Glass Sponges were thought to be extinct up until the last 20 years when a local diver, Glen Dennison, happened to discover the Bioherm Sponge Reef in our very own back yard in Howe Sound! Glass Sponges use dissolved silica in the water to form their unique skeleton, and the reef systems (known as Bioherms) are essentially living sponge, growing on top of dead sponge, which can rise hundreds of feet off the sea floor!

The Bioherms are often at deep depths, outside the limits of most recreational divers. Currently British Columbia is the only place in the world (that we know of) to have Bioherm Reefs as shallow as 40m/120ft.

Due to the fragile nature of these sponges, in order to dive them you need to be a certified Bioherm Sponge Diver.

Why Take The Course?

If you’re interested diving the Bioherm Sponges in Howe Sound, are interested in sponges in general, or just want to enhance your diving skills for sensitive environments, then you should take this course.

What Will You Learn?

There will be one class session that will go over the history of the Bioherm Sponges, what they are and what makes them unique, where they are and why they need protecting. You will also learn how to safely plan and execute a dive on the sponges and what safety hazards there may be.

There will be 4 ocean dives that focus on the following skills: trim, advanced propulsion techniques, turning, DSMB deployment, mid-water stops and more.

*Training dives are not conducted on the Bioherm Sponges, but once you have finished the course we will have an opportunity for you to sign up for a boat dive on the Bioherm. Please note, it is required for the sponge boat dive that you have a redundant air source (either sidemount or pony bottle)

Required Equipment

How to Sign Up?

Due to the sensitive nature and deep depths of the Bioherm Glass Sponges, divers must first apply in order to be accepted into the program. The instructor will review your experience and may request you join us on a Local Safari first so we can do a quick skills evaluation.

Bioherm Distinctive Specialty Application

Dive Experience

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Dive Equipment

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