Intro to Technical Diving

Course Price $549.95 Includes:

Students are required to provide their own mask, snorkel and regulator mouthpiece. The rest of the personal gear (Fins, boots, & gloves) all of which can be rented for $21 for the entire course.

Divers must provide their own dive light, Reel/DSMB, and Slate or Wetnotes


The water here can get quite chilly, which is why most of us dive in a drysuit year round! It is possible to dive in a wetsuit from June – September, but a drysuit is still highly recommended.

If you haven’t dove in a drysuit before, you will need to complete the drysuit orientation. You will do some additional pool training which will teach you how to use a drysuit in a confined water setting, and how to handle the changes in buoyancy. You will then get to use the drysuit for your ocean dives.

Drysuit Rental – $75 (If you’ve already completed the pool orientation)

Drysuit Upgrade – $99.95 (Includes additional pool training, and drysuit rental for all 5 of your ocean dives)

Should you decide to upgrade to the full PADI Drysuit Specialty later on, you would just pay an additional $199.95, and come out for two more ocean dives.

Must be 18 years of age or older (15 years with Parental Consent)

Advanced Diver Certification (or equivalent)

25 Logged Cold Water Dives (If using a drysuit, divers need at least 10 drysuit dives)

Must be able to complete a medical questionnaire, and obtain medical clearance if necessary.

Click here to download the TDI Medical Questionnaire.

Here is a link where you can find a list of physicians considered knowledgeable and competent in diving medicine- Work Safe BC Physicians List >>

We will be doing temperature checks for all students prior to each session.

Everyone is required to fill out a Declaration of Health form.

All divers will be required to have their own mask, snorkel and regulator mouthpiece.

Divers will be required to wear a mask or face covering while in the store/classroom/van

Something come up and need to postpone your course? No problem! We ask that you give us 1 week notice, as we do fill up quickly so we’d like to have time to fill your spot.

Unfortunately we do not offer refunds, but we would be happy to move you to a different date or offer you a credit towards a future trip or course.

Our full cancellation policy can be found here

Intro to technical diving

Going Beyond Recreational Limits

The best way to grow and expand your experience is to have a clear pathway to achieve your goal. When making the leap into technical diving you need to know where your skills are at and where they need to be to make sure you are getting the most out of your dives and to make sure you are a safe team member. Proper training and goals are the best way to assure you are progressing at a satisfying and safe pace.

If you are a newer diver and have been interested in technical diving but don’t know where to start or what you will need going forward, you will want to start with the Intro to Tech Course. This course will get your feet wet and introduce you to a whole new world of diving and give you the information you need to keep moving forward to become a technical diver.

Who Should Take the Intro to Tech Course?

Advanced open water divers with drysuit training and proof of minimum 25 logged dives who want to develop the skills and knowledge that is required of them to begin technical training. The Intro to Technical course is a great way to learn what skills you have mastered and what skills you need to improve upon before signing up for the TDI Advanced Nitrox course and TDI Decompression Procedures course.

What You'll Learn

The course is conducted over two days. We will complete one dive in the morning of the first day and spend the afternoon in the classroom. The second day we will complete 2 more ocean dives. We will be going over rigorous dive planning, selecting the proper equipment for the planned dive, gas matching/management skills, advanced buoyancy control and finning techniques, heightened situational awareness and improved stress analysis and mitigation.

What Gear Is Required

** Divers must provide or purchase their own for the course

What's Next?

You will graduate the course with the foundational skills for planning and executing more complex, technical, and safer dives. You will have a proficient understanding of advanced diving techniques and a clear path towards Technical Diving.

After completing the Intro to Tech you are ready to take the next step which is ANDP (Advanced Nitrox and Decompression Procedures) Course. These are two courses combined into one where you will learn how to properly plan a decompression dive and also give you the skills and knowledge to select and switch to the ideal enriched gas mix to accelerate your decompression time. Each of these courses may be taken separately but together they make one cohesive course to give you the best experience and bring all the skills you need to begin Technical Diving together so you are ready to make the most out of every dive.