Dive Gear Bags

Whether you’re driving to your local dive site or getting on a plane headed for the tropics, a sturdy gear bag will help you organize, protect and carry your scuba diving equipment. Your main bag needs to be big and tough enough to hold all your gear and stand up to the abuse of salt water. You’ll probably want secondary bags, such as a lightweight mesh bag, for your mask, fins and snorkel, or a padded bag for your regulator.

Standard Gear Bag Features
Optional and Desirable Gear Bag Features
Scuba Gear Bag Styles

In addition to your main big bag, which will either be a backpack style, roller style or duffel bag, you may want these other bags:

How to Choose Your Dive Bag

A good dive bag is an investment that should last for years, so choose one that will fit your expanding dive interests while protecting your equipment.

Gear Bags
How to Care for Your Gear Bag

The key to getting the most out of your gear bag is to pack well. Pack the items you need last on the bottom and what you need first on the top. For air travel, make sure breakable items, like your mask, are well padded (wetsuits make good padding).
Empty and rinse your dive bag after each use, and allow it to thoroughly dry before storing.

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