How To Choose A Bcd

how to choose a bcd

Imagine scuba diving while hovering, weightless underwater – eye to eye with a fish. How is it possible? It starts with your buoyancy control device (BCD). A BCD does exactly what its name describes – it gives you control in the water. Sometimes you want to float on the surface comfortably. Occasionally, you want to kneel or stand on the bottom, sometimes during a training course. Most of the time, you want to drift along effortlessly mid-water, observing the scenery. To do this efficiently, you need a BCD that fits you well, along with a weight system to fine-tune your buoyancy. The BCD also holds your tank.​

Standard BCD Features
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BCD Styles
How to Choose Your BCD

Choose your BCD based on where you’ll use it most, and then make sure it fits. A BCD is an investment that should last for several years, so don't sacrifice fit and comfort for price!​

How to Care for Your BCD
How To Choose A Bcd

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