How To Choose A Snorkel

How to choose a snorkel

A snorkel is a very personal piece of equipment. It lives with your mask, spends time in your mouth, and lets you breathe while you look below, until you’re ready to submerge on scuba. Whether you use your snorkel a lot while exploring the local dive site between scuba dives, or just occasionally to swim back to the boat after surfacing, you’ll appreciate that it makes your surface time easier.

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How to Choose Your Snorkel

How to Care for Your Snorkel

You should know how to attach your snorkel to your mask – how the clip, slot or snorkel keeper works so you can put it together at the dive site, if necessary. Along with your mask, rinse your snorkel in fresh water after each use and store i in a cool, dry place, out of direct sunlight. Store it away from neoprene rubber to prevent staining of the silicone parts.

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