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A mask is one of the most important, and personal, pieces of scuba diving equipment you own because it lets you explore with your eyes. Figuring out how to choose a mask can be quite overwhelming when there are so many different options. You want a good quality mask that fits you well and gives you the best viewing area possible, because you don’t want to miss anything underwater.

Standard Mask Features
Optional and Desirable Mask Features

How to Fit Your Dive Mask

With the wide variety of masks available today, it will be more difficult to decide which one you like best, rather than finding one that fits and is comfortable. Here are some tips from the Diving Locker Pro's

How to Care for Your Dive Mask

Most new masks’ lenses need a scrub before use because the glass gets stuff on it during manufacturing, we have various ways of removing this for you included toothpaste, or "burning" the lens with a lighter.

Is Your Mask Leaking?

Here are some common reasons why your mask might be leaking, be sure to try these quick fixes before giving up on your mask:

Having your mask strap too low or too high may allow water to come into your mask. The strap should be positioned around the widest part of your head with the appropriate amount of tension.​

Strap is too tight- contrary to what many people thing, having your strap on too tight may actually cause your mask to leak more! When the strap is too tight it can cause the shape of the mask to change and start to lift up on the edges of the skirt. Try playing with various tensions, it should be comfortable yet secure.​

Hair is getting stuck underneath the skirt- This can be problem for both men and women, have your dive buddy check for you and make sure you don’t have anything trapped underneath your mask. It can be helpful to wet your hair first, that way you can smooth out all of those pesky “flyaway” hairs. Many divers prefer to wear a bandana or even a hood for this reason! Just be sure if you are wearing a hood, that your hood doesn’t get trapped underneath your mask!​

Facial hair- Many people forget that even the slightest bit of stubble can cause your mask to leak. Of course the easiest way to avoid this is to make sure you are clean shaven, but for those who aren’t willing to part with their mustache, you can try a product like Mask Seal or even a little bit of Silicone Grease

Is Your Mask Fogging?

Fogging Problems? Here are our Favorite Defoggers!

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