If you think about it, breathing underwater is pretty remarkable, and it all happens because of the regulator. The scuba regulator is a great invention that delivers the air from your scuba tank to you just the way you need it to breathe. A scuba diving regulator is the hub of your dive equipment, and links many pieces of gear – your scuba tank to your BCD, submersible pressure gauge (SPG), alternate air source and you. You’ll always remember your first breath underwater using a regulator – it’s thrilling. However, you’ll soon forget it’s in your mouth as you’re distracted by your dive adventures – which is why you need to have a reliable, easy breathing regulator – so you can forget.

Standard Regulator Features
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How to Choose Your Regulator

The key is to choose a regulator that offers the performance you need for the environments where you’ll dive, and can be easily serviced at your local dive operation

How to Care for Your Regulator

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