Technical Diving - Live Qa

Curious About Technical Diving?



Join us for a 1hr live Q&A to get all of your questions answered, so you can scuba dive beyond recreational limits!

Technical diving takes you past the limits of recreation diving, but what exactly does that mean? You’re probably wondering … Why would I want to get into technical diving? What gear, courses or experience do I need? What do I get out of being a tech diver? These are all great questions, and we want to answer them and many more!

It can be a bit overwhelming because technical diving is a broad term that applies to diving that requires more planning around having a “ceiling”. Think longer, deep dives that require decompression stops, better planning, wrecks, caves, rebreathers and managing multiple gases.

Join us for a 1hr live Q&A on YouTube April 27 from 7-8pm PDT with our technical diving instructor, Drew Beattie. He’ll be ready to answer your questions and give you the facts about all things tech.

Technical Diving - Live Qa
Drew Beattie,
Tech Instructor

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