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Emerald Sea Protection Society

Friday, March 6th

@ 7pm

The Emerald Sea Protection Society is a non-profit organization that protects marine life and sensitive ecosystems from the devastating effects of abandoned, lost, or discarded fishing gear and marine debris through research, collaboration, gear removal projects, and educational initiatives. 

Featured in the CBC documentary ‘Ghost Nets’, founder Bourton Scott uncovers the complex issue of abandoned fishing gear on the coast of British Columbia. Through surveys and models, the crew is working to safely preserve marine ecosystems, while educating the public about this critical ocean issue. 

Join us on March 6th to learn more about abandoned fishing gear and how the crew of Emerald Sea Protection Society is fighting to protect the pristine marine ecosystems of the coast of British Columbia. 

Snacks and Refreshments Included!

$10 Entry Fee ($5 from each ticket goes as a donation towards the Emerald Sea Protection Society and also enters you to win a door prize!)


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