Why Did I Become a Diving Instructor

Scuba diving is something I fell in love with just about 3 years ago. Prior to finding my passion for scuba diving I had hit a point in my life where I felt so empty and lost. I needed to escape my reality and better myself. The one thing I knew that made me feel at peace was being around the water, adventure, and travel. This is where I felt most like myself. So naturally I decided to learn how to scuba dive, which had been a dream of mine for a long time. I bought myself a plane ticket to Thailand with intentions of completing my Divemaster; without ever trying diving before. I was jumping into this adventure all in or nothing.

Why Did I Become A Diving Instructor
Why Did I Become A Diving Instructor

I arrived in Koh Tao Thailand, and I was enrolled in my Open water course the next day. I will never forget my first breathe underwater, which was in the pool. It was the coolest thing to me. Then came my first ocean dive. I had tears swell up in my eyes as we descended with pure absolute happiness. I remember looking around at all the fish, hearing nothing but my own breath; andit felt like in some way I was flying? I looked up with the rays of the sun hitting the water and bubbles above me, I closed my eyes and my soul and mind felt at home. I finally felt a calmness in me that had been missing for so many years of my life.

I remember also thinking how grateful I was for all my instructors. If not for their patience and passion for the ocean, I may have not found that calmness. That is when I knew I wanted to be apart of sharing this amazing sport with others.

Why Did I Become A Diving Instructor

I loved guiding as a divemaster, but I wanted more. So I came to Vancouver and joined the Diving Locker with this amazing opportunity to take on cold water diving and the diving industry. I have been teaching for just over a year now. I learned so much about how to better my teaching and myself as an instructor.

Why Did I Become A Diving Instructor

When I am out at the dive site or the pool deck, I feel in my element. I am focused on teaching and focused on the needs of my students. Not only do I feel in my element, I also discovered a new reason for why I think being a scuba diving instructor is an awesome job.

I love watching people overcome their fears. I feel a great satisfaction when students initially struggled with a skill and we were able to overcome that obstacle together and I can see the excitement in their eyes. I live for that look. It brings me the most joy watching the progress. I am passionate about the people, not just the diving. I see their excitement; I see their skills progress and I feel apart of something bigger.

I love watching the moments of when they find that peace, that calmness throughout the dive. When I see them look up at their bubbles, look around at the fishes, showing me underwater life and how excited they are to show me (even though I see it all the time, it makes me so happy that they want to make sure I saw that sea cucumber). This is when I feel a sort of fulfillment. I am teaching them a skill: a sport, but they are also giving me so much as well. They give me a sense of accomplishment and pride in what I do.

Scuba diving is about sharing our love for the ocean and all the wonders it beholds. Being an Instructor, we have that responsibility of sharing it with our students and guiding them along the journey to the ocean. I will forever be incredibly humbled to be apart of that journey.

Why Did I Become A Diving Instructor
Why Did I Become A Diving Instructor

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