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Diving Locker Scuba Courses

All scuba courses are outlined below:

Beginner Dive Courses


Learn to dive and explore the beautiful world that lies beneath the surface! We usually have a new course starting every two weeks, and all year round! With our flexible schedule, friendly and professional staff, and fun welcoming atmosphere, you’re guaranteed to get the most out of your training!

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The PADI Advanced Course is a weekend of pleasure diving that introduces divers to some of the more popular specialty areas of diving.
There aren’t any academic sessions besides an evening registration and tune up where we’ll review relevant chapters from the Advanced Manual.

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The next step for a PADI Advanced Diver is the PADI Rescue Course. Here you’ll learn the skills that are needed to become more aware of yourself and your diving companions. The PADI Rescue Course will teach you to effectively  prevent problem situations and to deal with diving emergencies. This is arguably one of PADI’s best courses for increasing a diver’s self confidence.

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Cold water diving is fun, but being cold while diving is not! Let us teach you how to use a drysuit so you can dive with us all year round, and maximize your bottom time without getting cold! We offer drysuit courses weekly, and have a couple of different options for you to choose from.

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Explore different areas of diving. Learn advanced navigation patterns, deep diving techniques, or even try your hand at some underwater photography.The possibilities are endless!

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PADI Instructor Course


Are you hooked on diving and are wondering what the next step is? Check out our Advanced and Rescue Courses, we also offer a wide variety of specialty courses if you are looking at branching out into some different areas of diving.

Professional Courses