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PADI Advanced Course

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Due to the current pandemic, we are not requiring students to provide/purchase their own mask, snorkel and regulator mouthpiece.


**Please note: In order to use the drysuit for the course you must complete a drysuit orientation or have prior drysuit training**

The PADI Advanced Course is a weekend of pleasure diving that introduces divers to some of the more popular specialty areas of diving.

There aren’t any academic sessions besides an evening registration and tune up where we’ll review relevant chapters from the Advanced Manual.

There are a series of five dives in the Advanced Course, which include :

1) Deep Dive- We will be diving to a maximum depth of 100 ft,and learning first hand about pressure, color changes, and nitrogen narcosis!

2) Underwater Navigation- Get your compasses out! We will learn how to properly navigate a square pattern, straight lines, and will also learn about how to use your surroundings underwater for natural navigation.

3) Night Dive- Witness the amazing nocturnal life that awakens when the sun goes down. You will learn proper night diving techniques, and may even see an octo out hunting for its dinner if you are lucky 🙂

4) Wreck Dive- Explore the artificial reefs at Porteau Cove, including a 95 ft steel-hulled tugboat, a 33ft steel dredge tender, and a 48ft sailboat.

5) Peak Performance Buoyancy– Learn about proper weighting techniques, and practice fine tuning your buoyancy.

Upon completion of the course you will recieve a certification card stating that you are an Advanced Diver with a max. depth restriction of 100 ft.

The course includes use of all basic scuba gear and training materials. Students are required to provide their own personal gear and ancillary gear, which can be rented at an additional cost.

Course Price $299.95


  • PADI Requires all divers to have a Dive Computer or Bottom Timer: A dive computer can be rented for $25 for the course
  • Optional Drysuit Upgrade $99.95 (or $75 if you’ve completed the orientation already)
  • Personal Gear (Fins, Boots and Gloves) and Light Rental: $40 :

Due to the current pandemic, we are now requiring students to provide/purchase their own mask, snorkel and regulator mouthpiece


Special Student Mask/Snorkel Packages:

Mouthpieces are available for purchase for $9.95 each

Bronze Package: Bare Duo or Duo Compact Mask + Oceanic Arid Snorkel

Silver Package: Oceanic Shadow or Shadow Mini Mask + Oceanic Arid Snorkel

Gold Package: Hollis M1 Mask + Oceanic Arid Snorkel


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  1. Hana Yoko
    5 out of 5


    Amazing staff and incredible experience!
    Thank you so much for a wicked time!!!

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