Our Mission



The Diving Locker was started in 1969 by Greg Kocher. As a young 18 year old, Greg’s passion for diving and teaching others how to dive was contagious. Since starting the Diving Locker, he has taken it through many changes and transformations over the years. From suit manufacturing, to expanding into multiple stores across the lower mainland and Sunshine Coast. Greg and the Diving Locker is very well known in the industry, in fact many other dive shop owners first got their start right here at The Diving Locker!

Today the Kitsilano location is the only remaining store, and one of the busiest and largest dive centers in Canada. It’s focus is on training divers, organizing local and tropical dive trips, and of course keeping a well stocked retail store. The Diving Locker carries a wide selection of Dive Gear, Snorkeling Gear, Wetsuits and Accessories for Swimming, Paddling, Kayaking, and general watersports.


At the Vancouver Diving Locker, our management team, Instructors, Divemasters, Sales Staff, Service Technicians, and support staff are all committed and dedicated to providing our divers and students with the highest quality diving experiences with an emphasis on education and safety.

Our service is delivered in a professional manner and we aim for the highest level of customer satisfaction. Our goal is to provide not just a diving experience, but introduce you to a sport and lifestyle that will change the way you look at the underwater world forever. We do this in a safe, professional, and (most importantly) FUN manner!

We are constantly reinvesting and maintaining our rental equipment, and operation to the the highest standard in order to maximize our divers’ convenience and comfort. We believe our main strength is our staff, whom we value more than anything. They are the asset that cannot be matched and provide our divers with the education and experiences they seek from our facility.

The Vancouver Diving Locker doesn’t just aim to be a market leader, but aims to raise standards by educating our own divers and staff and through our professionalism, customer service, and innovation. Every diver or student that visits us is treated as a friend and a lifelong member of the Vancouver Diving Locker. This benefits our divers and makes ‘word of mouth’ the number one reason why people choose to dive with us.

Our Mission

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