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Servicing and Repairs

When to Service Your Gear?

Servicing guidelines vary based on different brands (See Parts for Life and Warranty). We recommend an annual inspection/check-up of your regulators with a full overhaul every two years. BCD inflators should be serviced each year.

Regulator Inspection:

An inspection is recommended every other year in between full servicing intervals.

Travel Check / Adjustment: Checking Intermediate pressure check/breathing effort

Annual Inspection
(Clean, hose integrity check, diaphragm inspection, IP check, cracking effort check, pressurized immersion test) $69.95

Zeagle Annual Inspection $99.95

Full Servicing:

A full servicing is recommended every 2 years unless specified by the manufacturer

A full servicing includes:
* Detailed pre-inspection to determine if there are any abnormalities
* Complete disassembly and inspection for wear and damage on all parts
* All O-Rings, Seats, filters and other required parts are replaced
* Thorough cleaning in the ultra-sonic cleaner/solution.

1st and 2nd Stage $99.95

Alternate 2nd Stage $49.95

**Parts are not included and will range anywhere from $15-$80 per stage depending on model**

BCD Inflator Full Service – $34.95

Leak Test – $29.95

** IMPORTANT: For liability reasons, if your BCD is found to have a hole in it, we are not able to repair it as this affects the integrity of the bladder.

Replace Neck and Wrist Seals:

    * Wrist Seals Latex/Neoprene $135 (Including Seals)
* Neck Seal Latex/Neoprene $145 (Including Seal)
    * Non-Bare Drysuits to be quoted upon inspection

Zipper Replacements

* Plastic $329.95
* Metal $449.95
* Non-Bare Drysuits to be quoted upon inspection

Optional Add Ons

* Install Pocket ($99-$125, including pocket)
* Install Cuff Rings ($224.95)
* Non-Bare Drysuits to be quoted upon inspection

Leak Tests and Repairs

* $50 Drysuit Leak Test (Includes labor for small hole repairs)
* Non-Bare Drysuits to be quoted upon inspection
**Prices are estimates only, and may vary depending on the suit. To get a more accurate quote, please contact us.**

Wetsuit Hole Repair (Gluing, stitching, patching, and heat taping)- $20-$45

**Prices are estimates only, if you’d like a more accurate quote, please feel free to bring your item by**

Annual Visual Inspection + Air Fill: $39.95

Hydro static Testing, Visual, + Air Fill (Every 5 years): $79.95

Tank Tumble: $49.95

O2 Cleaning: $79.95

Tank Valve Service: $49.95 (Not including parts)

Suunto Battery Change (Excluding D-Series) $49.95
Includes battery & O-ring Cap Kit

Suunto D-Series Battery Change $89.95
1-2 weeks wait time (Needs to go to Suunto)

Momentum Dive Watch Battery Change $39.95

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