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Product Description

XDeep Zen BCD

The NX ZEN is so named for a reason; that feeling of being ‘at one’ with the world that diving brings. Advances in materials technology, in diving design and our ability to apply modern engineering concepts created a dive system that delivered on our priorities.

A stable, comfortable and ergonomic BCD that is truly ZEN.


Applying advanced technology for a new dimension in sports diving


Perfect position- The wing has been carefully designed to achieve perfect positioning in water with great comfort at the surface.

Unique NX series harness- NX harness is easy to put on and take off without compromising stability, comfort and security.

Compatible with doubles- Great flexibility, use your NX Series harness with doubles just by replacing the wing.

High lift and minimized drag- The gas position in the wing ensures minimal drag and no unwanted dead air spaces.

Incredibly tough- Double shell Cordura wing is extremely durable, perfect for wreck diving.

Less is more

The ZEN wing is deliberately narrow so that it does not protrude from the side of your tank. This brings advantages in enhancing your buoyancy control, in reducing any entanglement hazards and in significantly reducing drag. As we reduce drag we usually improve our gas consumption, enabling longer and safer dives.

ZEN wing provides 19kg of lift, while its size is comparable to classic wings with 17kg of lift.


Smaller upper wing section

The compact engineering of the NX series inflator has allowed a reduction in the required size of the upper part of the wing. This results in a position at the surface that lifts you high out of the water and ensures lift is in the right place when submerged.


Precise control of gas movement

Traditional inflation systems are mounted on the side, so that as gas is injected it can disturb trim if you are in a good flat position.

The compact nature of the NX series adapter allows it to be placed dead center, eliminating unwanted gas movement. Air is added and is immediately distributed equally down both sides of the wing, leaving you in perfect trim.



Xdeep Zen Bcd
The classic backplates’ design history dates back to what could be cut out of an old road sign. For the first time since then we have looked properly at the ergonomics and anatomy of a diver’s back. Our redesign has created a plate that is better in every respect.

Enlarging the upper part of the backplate has achieved better weight distribution during the dive and removes load from the lumbar region. The lower plate design spreads the load comfortably, safely allowing for the optimal attachment of weight pockets and accessories.

The new NX Series backplate is comfortable, stable and protective of your back.


Perfect 3D mesh pad in standard

ZEN, as with any other set from the NX Series is equipped with XDEEP’s perfect 3D Mesh lining.

This soft but non compressive pad adds to your comfort, whether in board shorts or drysuit. It helps prevent any small movement of the back plate against your back, adding to stability and security.

The 3D Mesh material does not need any additional lead due to the smart materials technology that allow easy water penetration and drainage.

V-shaped crotch strap

The NX Series harness is equipped with totally new V shaped crotch strap. The V shape is more comfortable, eliminating the single strap design running directly between the legs. Whether walking with your gear to jump in or scootering around a reef, you will feel the very direct benefit.


Easier to put on and take off

The backplate design has resulted in major improvements in donning and doffing the system.

When the harness is unfastened, the shoulder straps are 20% longer than in a classic harness. This creates more room even if you have restricted movement in the shoulders. Tightening the buckle of the waist strap pulls the shoulder straps snugly down, perfectly tensioning the harness fit to your body. No need to adjust for changes from wetsuit to drysuit. The whole system is comfortably held closer to your body stabilizing the entire scuba unit.


BCD Specs

Perfect for: Single tank diving in any conditions. Wreck diving.
Air travel? Go for the aluminum backplate to make a great travel-friendly setup.
Configuration: Recreational diving (single tank)
Adaptable for other configurations? Yes (By replacing bladder for double tank wing)
Full set weight 5.1 kg (Steel) / 3.0kg (Aluminum)

Buoyancy: 19 kg
Bladder shape: Thoroidal (donut)
Construction: Double shell
Outer shell fabric: Cordura 1100 dTEX
Inner bladder fabric: Nylon 440 dTEX with 0.2 mm TPU coating
Inflator type K-type: power inflator
Inflator hose length: 16″ long in standard (14″ and 19″ long available upon request)
Inflator adapter type: Super-flat NX Series adapter
Redundant bladder (RB version): No
Dry BC weight (without harness): 1.1 kg

Harness type: NX Series
“One piece of webbing” type (DIR style): No
Harness Size Available: S – for divers less than 175 cm tall, L – for divers 175 cm and more tall
Backplate Material: Stainless steel or Aluminum
Backplate thickness: 3 mm
Harness Adjustment: Adjusted with the ITW Nexus QR buckles.
Quick Release Buckes: YES
Backplate padding: YES
Shoulder Strap Padding: YES
Crotch Strap Type: Comfortable “V-shaped” crotch strap
Single Tank Adapter: NX Series with easy cam band adjustment
Number of cam bands: Two
Weight system: Droppable weight pockets In standard Available sizes: S-size (2×2 kg), M-size (2×3 kg), L-size (2×6 kg)
Central weight pocket: Does not apply
Trim pockets: Optional Available sizes: S-size (2×2 kg), M-size (2×3 kg)




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