Why Dive in BC

Jacques Cousteau himself said that British Columbia has “the best temperate water diving in the world.”

Well we cant really argue with this statement and of course we are all die hard cold water divers here at the Diving Locker.

Things we tell our students among other things “If you can dive here, you can dive anywhere in the world!”, and that is so true. Colder temperatures, limited visibility at times, more weight and gear to wear, throw in a couple shore dives and you will be sure to have a good night sleep.

But there is a different side to our beautiful underwater world. Most of our students give up too fast on drysuit diving or just don’t get the necessary practice in to reach a certain comfort level. You want to make sure to get at least 6-8 dives in over a shorter period of time to get some routine at it.

Owning your gear will be a big step to gain control, comfort and enjoyment. Getting into different rental gear every and each time you are out diving with us will just throw you off a little bit each time. We realize that getting your own gear is a costly adventure but we offer great package deals and student discounts and help you working towards a full set of gear. Step by step.

Why Dive In Bc

Now let’s hit the topic temperature. This is probably what scares most people away to submerge into our breathtaking underwater world. We have all started with layers and layers from the salvation army, ski undergarments or hand downs. And this actually works to start off until you find out if cold water diving is something you would like to pursue in the future as well. It all depends on material and proper layering. Further down the road you want to make sure to invest in proper dive undergarments as you will need less layers to stay even warmer. Nothing compares to a “Fourth Element Halo” or “Bare Super High Loft” onesie over 4 pajama pants that bulk up while putting on your drysuit.

Having a certain set of undergarments will also help with getting your buoyancy figured out. Every layer has different buoyancy and will affect how much weight you will need. Knowing your undergarments and the amount of weight will let you start your dive day way more relaxed. Tucking in your top layers to make sure nothing rides up, give yourself a good stretch under water so everything falls into place and you are off for a great time.

Having good general fitness will make it easier getting all the gear on, getting in and out of the water and add to comfort handling everything else. It is physical demanding, nobody is denying it, but then there is also boat diving. Our favorite combination: Cold water – boat diving. So there are options for everybody how to enjoy your time under pressure.

Why Dive In Bc

Know what you are getting in to. If low visibility is something that makes you feel uncomfortable, check in with us about current conditions before plunging into your exploration. Our coast is unpredictable and even if the day before is was nice and clear, things can change overnight. Often it also comes down to mindset. If you are expecting tropical conditions, it’s almost you setting yourself up for failure. Our diving here comes with a price which we are all very happy to pay.


Why Dive In Bc

Things we can find along our stunning coast are Giant Pacific Octopus, Wolf Eels, Nudibranchs in all imaginable colors, sea lions and harbor seals, lingcod as big as seals and so much more. So even when you find yourself in challenging conditions, just get a little closer up to all the macro creatures and you will forget all about your surroundings. Besides the usual suspects we also have the chance to dive with sea lions and explore kelp forests. Colorful reefs over on Vancouver Island will make you feel like you are in a tropical place, besides wearing a drysuit of course. ?

Why Dive In Bc Why Dive In Bc Why Dive In Bc

Here at the Diving Locker we are very focused on dive courses and giving people the necessary training and experience so they can go venture with their dive buddies on their own or join us for day or multi day trips. Our activities here at the shop are an absolute treat. We can offer outings for every budget and interest. You will spend a day or more surrounded by people sharing the same passion, listen to bucket list dives of your buddies, dive stories, recommendation on places to go. You will be taken care of from the start you enter our dive shop until we have returned in the end of the day or the weekend. Our cozy dive vans are filled with good stories, transport all people and gear to the most spectacular dive sites that you can imagine. No hassle figuring out ferry schedules, dive charters and hotels – lean back and let us spoil you.

Why Dive In Bc

Favorite dives that we recommend? Well there is never just one place but our Port Hardy and Barkley Sound trips are on top of everything you could have ever imagined is possible in our waters. Add your overly excited dive guide Tess to your trip and you will be sure to spend your time right. We offer installments to pay off multi day trips over 3 payments to make venturing to the BEST places a bit easier. But also our local dive sites are full of exciting critters to look at. Harbor seals chasing fish around you on night dives, dog fish cruising right underneath you to check you out.

We really don’t think you need more convincing to come diving with us.

We look forward seeing you down below!

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